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We Are Travel Girls

Want to know how to join the responsible travel movement, then check out this feature on the fantastic We Are Travel Girls site.

5 Simple Ways to Join the Responsible Traveller Movement

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Breathe Travel

Articles from Footprints and Photos feature on Breathe Travel's Ethical Travel blog. This website is dedicated to written by women, for women.

How to Ethically Appreciate Animals Whilst Travelling

7 Tips to Responsible Hiking

4 Simple Steps: How to Experience Ethical Animal Encounters

5 Ethical Travel Resolutions for the Responsible Traveller

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Soul Travel Blog

Ellie from Soul Travel Blog compiled a number of Sustainable Travel Tips from Top Bloggers and featured Footprints and Photos' advice.

Are you Ready for the Year of Sustainable Travel?

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The Australian Times

An independent media outlet with the mission to inspire minds, The Australia Times is an online magazine collective. Prior to its closure in 2017, Footprints and Photos contributed 11 articles across 2 magazines.

Gorge-ous Georgia

Aussie Micro-Holidays for the classic travel addict

Arctic on ice

Abandoned in Bulgaria

Eurasia: Guiding you through Baku

Underrated Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Putting the Silk in the Silk Road

Bad Signz

A Tale of Two Cities

Take a Punt on the Pilbara

Guilt free travel