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Our Story

Footprints and Photos started by combining my two loves - travel and the environment - together. It has now grown to be a network of like-minded people and organisations who are all intent on taking only photos and leaving only footprints.

What is Footprints and Photos?

It is an enviro's guide to sustainable travel! Footprints and Photos specialises in the online distribution of sustainable and responsible travel advice, information and reviews.

Footprints and Photos seeks to promote and encourage sustainable and responsible travel by everyday travellers through sharing ideas and advice gained by personal experience.

The Footprint Scale is my easy way of sharing this advice with you. Head here for more info!

And who am I?

Hi! My name is Kaylee and I'm a qualified Environmental Scientist and global travel addict.

I have worked in the environmental industry for over 5 years and now the travel industry for 2 years. My passion for combining responsible and sustainable travel led to Footprints and Photos being developed. It is my desire to share with fellow travellers as much as I can about how to travel in a way that leaves only a positive impact. It can be so easy to overlook simple options to reducing our carbon footprint or interacting with animals ethically, well I'm here to make it easy to choose the positive alternative!

I have now visited over 60 countries and lived in four. Along the way I've made mistakes, we all have, however I'm always hoping to improve and find a better option out there. I'm looking forward to seeing and experiencing many more countries and adventures, and will be sharing my insights with you along the way.

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Kaylee aka Footprints and Photos


Now what...

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